Three New Iliad Translations!

My hometown paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, ran an article today reviewing the three translations of the Iliad that are out this fall, by Stephen Mitchell, Anthony Verity and Richard Lattimore (not new, but updated with new notes).  I am very much enjoying reading and comparing them all, especially alongside another new Iliad-inspired piece, Alice Oswald’s poem, Memorial, which focuses on the deaths of ordinary soldiers in the Iliad.  More detailed thoughts on all that soon!

In the meantime, Stephen Mitchell and I were both panelists recently on the BBC show “Nightwaves” discussing the resurgence of interest in the Iliad (our segment begins at the 22:22 mark).  I am thrilled that the Iliad is getting so much attention!

Circe - US Edition
Circe - UK Edition
The Song of Achilles UK Edition
The Song of Achilles UK Edition

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