Madeline Miller reads from Circe

‘The truth is, men make terrible pigs.’ Watch @MillerMadeline read an extract from her new novel #Circe.…

Circe book trailer is up

I am happy to announce that the book trailer for Circe has been posted. You can watch all the videos for the book on the video section of the archive.

Channel 4 News

The Song of Achilles was featured on Channel 4 news in the UK!  Follow this link, then scroll down to click on the segment, “Homer Reworked.”  It was wonderful to get to talk about the Classics with journalist Katie Razzall and I love the clips of students saying which mythological characters are their favorites.

Q & A

Sunday, September 18th.  Here is a Q & A I did about The Song of Achilles for Ecco.  You can also find it on my author page.  Lots more news to come!

Gorgeous Edinburgh

Wednesday, September 14th.  A wonderful day amidst the beautiful stone buildings and green countryside of Edinburgh.  Started the day off with a great conversation  with the lovely woman behind Cornflower Books.  I love her elegant and thoughtful writing about all things literary–definitely a must visit for book lovers.   She is currently offering a drawing…

Book Tour in Dublin

I just finished a wonderful, whirlwind trip to Dublin!  Lots of interviews to come out in the next few weeks, including a piece on “The View” and “Today with Pat Kenny,” an interview with Sue Leonard for her column “Beginner’s Pluck” in the Irish Examiner, and an interview with Edel Coffey for the Irish Independent. …

Viv Groskop review in The Independent

The writer and journalist Viv Groskop reviewed The Song of Achilles for The Independent!  Here is a an excerpt below: “For a whistlestop tour around the life and times of Achilles, you’d be hard pressed to find a better guide than Madeline Miller.  This accomplished and enjoyable novel…is original, clever and in a class of…

Sunday Herald Review

An excerpt from Lesley McDowell’s review of The Song of Achilles in the Sunday Herald: “Miller’s prose flows easily and poetically, and treats the relationship between the two men with sensitivity and skill… A fascinating debut.”  

Back-to-School Patroclus

In honor of all the students going back to school, I wanted to share one of my favorite Patroclus-related teaching stories. In my middle-school Latin class, we were discussing which gods had taken which sides in the Trojan War.  I asked who was on the Greek side, and the students called out answers: “Athena!”  “Hera!” …

‘Book of a Lifetime: The Iliad’ in The Independent

I first encountered Homer’s Iliad as a young child, when my mother read it to me as a bedtime story.  It was love at first listen.  Here is a short essay I wrote about that, published today in The Independent’s “Book of a Lifetime” series.  In it, I mention one of my favorite similes from…

Excerpt and Book Trailer

Read the first two chapters of The Song of Achilles online, thanks to Bloomsbury’s great looking excerpt.  Also, check out Bloomsbury’s new book trailer for The Song of Achilles!

A. N. Wilson reviews The Song of Achilles

The renowned author, critic and journalist A. N. Wilson has reviewed The Song of Achilles for the September issue of Reader’s Digest: “I read this book awestruck with admiration for the quality of its writing, its narrative pace and its imaginative depth. If I were to give a prize for the best work of fiction…


This picture made my day--thank you @Christine_K71 and your two gorgeous models! I'm so excited that today my short story GALATEA is out in the UK in this stunning hardback from @BloomsburyBooks. I'm discussing it at 6:30GMT with @FaneProductions. Link:


They make the best models when they’re asleep! 😂 #galatea @MillerMadeline @BloomsburyBooks

Thrilled to announce that my UK publisher @BloomsburyBooks is publishing my short story, GALATEA, in this gorgeous bite-size hardback! GALATEA was my bridge between Circe and Achilles, with a twist all her own, and she's very dear to me. Out Mar 3rd in the UK, May 31st in AU!

Excited to be doing a live Q and A with @booktopia in half an hour--8:30 EST tonight. The link here is if you want to drop by! So much looking forward to getting to speak to everyone!

At 7PM EST (half an hour!) I'll be talking virtually to @lilykingbooks about her terrific new short story collection FIVE TUESDAYS IN WINTER. Thanks also to the wonderful indie bookstore @wesrjjulia for hosting!

Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore@wesrjjulia

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