End of the Year and Holiday Books


Hello to all!

I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season.  Thank you again to all the people who sent me notes on social media or through my website about their excitement for Circe!  I’m so grateful and appreciative.  Your faith in my work will buoy me through the days of edits and copyedits ahead.

Some readers have been in touch about personalized copies for holiday gifts.  Yes!  I am happy to do that through Main Point Books.  They are terrific people to work with, and if you have any trouble with their site or you have a special issue, just email them and they will figure it out.  They do ship to the UK, and may be able to work out other international shipping too.   They are a paragon of what it means to be an indie bookstore, and I’m so glad to have found them.

At the end of the year I often like to make a list of books that I’ve particularly enjoyed or been moved by.  That will be coming soon!


Wishing you a warm season with lovely books to read.

Circe - US Edition
Circe - UK Edition
The Song of Achilles UK Edition
The Song of Achilles UK Edition