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Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

I noted in my last post that I was yearning for crisper weather. The Reykjavik International Literary Festival definitely granted my wish! Iceland offered gorgeous blue skies, but the wind was regularly blowing at 50 miles an hour, and it hailed several times. Also, there was a sandstorm.

Crazy weather aside, I had a terrific time at the festival, which is a true haven for book lovers, and was also delighted to get to meet everyone at my wonderful Icelandic publisher, Salka, led by Hildur Hermóðsdóttir. I particularly enjoyed the cover they did for the Iceland edition, translated by Þórunn Hjartardóttir. It uses one of my favorite statues–Menelaus supporting Patroclus’ dead body, currently in Florence:

Cover of Icelandic edition of The Song of Achilles, Salka Press. Translated by Þórunn Hjartardóttir.













By the way, Iceland is just as beautiful as everyone says, routinely offering vistas like this:

Glimpsing the Bifrost at Skogafoss waterfall. Sadly, no Heimdall.













I also learned about Iceland’s annual Christmas-season “book flood” a lovely tradition where everyone gives each other books for the holidays. My kind of place!

Circe - US Edition
Circe - UK Edition
The Song of Achilles UK Edition
The Song of Achilles UK Edition