Month: August 2014

News and Upcoming Events

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

I’m very happy to announce that Porter Square Books, my local indie, now does international shipping! So those of you outside the US who wanted a signed and/or personalized copy of The Song of Achilles, Porter Square can now ship you one.  If you’re interested, the details are here.

I’m a few months late on posting this, but here is a piece I wrote for Waterstones’ Writer’s Year series.  It’s about the Bailey’s Prize (formerly the Orange Prize), my mom and tractor driving.

On to the events:

Thursday, September 11th 2014, 7PM, Newtonville Books, Newton, MA.
The terrific Newtonville Books has invited me to lead their September Celebrity Book Club.  We’re going to be talking about one of my all-time favorite reads, Watership Down. Richard Adams’ tale of epic adventure and friendship among a band of rabbits is gripping, poignant and complex. Read it for the first time, or read it again; either way, come join us to discuss!

September 19th 2014, 7:30PM, Newton North High School, Newton, MA
As I mentioned in my previous post, Newton director Melissa Bernstein is staging the second part of The Song of Achilles on September 18th, 19th and 20th.  I’ll be doing a talkback after the show on Friday the 19th. (Bonus: if you come to the Watership Down event above, you’ll have a chance to meet Melissa as well).

October 2nd 2014, 7:15PM, LA Library, Los Angeles, CA
I’m also thrilled to be doing an event in California on October 2nd for the LA Library’s ALOUD series. I’ll be talking about Homeric adaptation with novelist and Classicist Zachary Mason, who wrote the terrific Lost Books of the Odyssey.

October 28th 2014, 7PM, Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA
Finally, I’m going to be at Porter Square books interviewing Eimear McBride, author of A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing, which won the 2014 Bailey’s Prize for Fiction (formerly the Orange Prize).


The Song of Achilles onstage, part II

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Last spring Newton director Melissa Bernstein staged the first half of The Song of Achilles.  It was a pleasure and honor to see the actors bring these characters so vividly to life, and I remember being particularly impressed that, despite knowing it was coming, I jumped when Thetis appeared for the first time. In these days of CGI everything, it was a reminder of just how much magic good directors and actors can make with makeup, a few lights, and a sound cue.

So, I’m thrilled to announce that Melissa and her team are back with Part II!  The production, The Song of Achilles: Troy, stages the second half of the book, and goes up this September, Thursday the 18th, Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th at 7:30 PM. I will once again be doing a talkback with the cast after the show on Friday the 19th, so if you come, please say hello!

Tickets are available through Melissa’s website, The Newton Theatre Company, where you can also find more details about the show.  As before, the production is co-produced with Newton North High School, and features Boston-area actors of all ages. All proceeds go towards covering the school’s theater operating costs.

Hope to see you there!